From Rome to Athens (COK)- 7 Nights & 8 Days in ROME & ITALY

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Vatican City, headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, has St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, which house masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes.

20th September 2019 Friday


04th October 2019 Friday
18th October 2019 Friday


Rome- ARRIVAL. Day 1

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.

Welcome to Europe!!!.  On arrival at the airport we shall be waiting to transfer you to the hotel.  You can enjoy free time until your tour starts, information about the meeting place and start time can be found on the information boards in the hotel reception area. 

Morning Breakfast, ROME. Day 2

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS: City tour of Rome and Vatican City. Transfer to Trastevere neigborhood. In the morning, we have a 2 hrs scenic tour of the city, which will be a great introduction to “The Eternal city”. In the panoramic you will know the ancient Rome called Imperial Rome: Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Piazza di Venezia with its monument to Italian unification, Quirinal Hill with the Palace of the President of the Republic, Marcelo Theater, Capitol Hill, Roman Forums , Circus Maximus, Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin with the mouth of truth, Republican Temple, Termas de Caracalla, Aureliana Wall, Basilica di Santa María Maggiore and Archbasilica of St. Johm Lateran, Church of Santa María in Dominica (Navicella), Cestia Pyramid , San Paolo Gate, Lungo Tevere avenue with the Jewish synagogue of Babylonian style, Tiberina Island in front of the Castel St. Angelo. This tour ends at St. Peter´s Square in the Vatican. The Vatican Museums are closed on Sundays, so, if you are interested, we recommend you to do it at this time. Free afternoon. 18.30 hrs.- In the evening we provide transport to the Trastevere area, where you will find restaurants serving Italian, Indian, Chinese and interna­tional food. Return to hotel.

Morning breakfast, ROME- Free Day Day 3

Free day in the city of Rome, the "Eternal City". You can take the opportunity to visit one of the oldest cities in Europe.


Total distance covered: 330 km. Scenery: Stunning mountain landscapes crossing the Apennine Mountains. Note: We recommend that you carry only essentials for this night on the overnight ferry. Please pack your bag with the things you will need (so that the large suitcases can be left in the luggage compartment of the coach). 07:30 hrs – Rome –Departure. We cross the Apennines. Beautiful mountainous landscapes. 11:30 hrs – Loreto –Arrival. Time to visit the “Holy House of Loreto” shrine (according to the tradition, this is the site that the Virgin Mary was brought by Saint John) and the beautiful historic centre. 12:30 hrs – Loreto – Departure. 13:15 hrs – Ancona –Arrival. Tour round this port city. 15:30 hrs – Ancona– Embarkation (our ship’s departure is scheduled for 17:30 hrs; the timetable is subject to changes). Night-time crossing. The ferry used is large and modern and comes equipped with every comfort. Breakfast is not included on this day. Accommodation in double cabins with bathroom. Note: Due to Greece´s current situation or for reasons beyond Europamundo´s control, the Ancona- Igoumenitsa ferry may be cancelled. In this case, the itinerary is normally adjusted so that we either leave via a ferry with a similar route, timetable and standard, or we fly from Rome to Athens and, from there, we travel to Kalabaka/Meteoras.

Morning Breakfast, Igoumenitsa - Ioannina - Kalabaka. Day 5

Total distance covered: 260 km. Scenery: High mountains in the north of Greece. Small villages. Spectacular landscapes of Meteoras. We shall visit the Meteoras Valley, stopping at the most important Orthodox monasteries and visiting one of them. Wear suitable clothing (women will have to put on skirts that will be given out on arrival at the monastery). Bring comfortable footwear for the ascent to the monastery. – 10:00 hrs Igoumenitsa –Arrival of boat at the port (timings may vary)-. We travel through the north of Greece, between spectacular mountains. 11:30 hrs Ioannina –Arrival. Free time to stroll around this historic walled city on the shores of a beautiful lake. We discover an area of Greece that contains many reminders of the Ottoman (Turkish) Era, such as the minarets of the ancient mosques. We provide a boat tour to the island situated in the lake. Time seems to be at a standstill in this place which has no cars. We recommend eating in one of the small restaurants on the island. You will be able to visit one of the small monasteries or the museum dedicated to the architects of Greek independence. Return by boat to Ioannina. 14:00 hrs –Ioannina –Departure. Continue through the Balkan mountains. 16:15 hrs - Meteoras –Arrival. We start our journey amid the fantastic landscapes of Meteoras that house monasteries that are literally “hanging” onto the rocks. We shall visit one of these breathtaking monasteries (admission not included), catching glimpses of the other monasteries that are “hanging” onto the rocks. Note: The visit to the monasteries in Meteoras may be made on Wednesday morning, depending on the timetable of the ferry that morning (this service is sometimes delayed). Dinner and accommodation in Kalabaka, a small city in the centre of the Meteoras region.

Morning Breakfast, Kalabaka - Delphi - Athens Day 6

Total distance covered: 410 km. Scenery: Attractive Mediterranean landscapes. Very beautiful countryside in the Delphi region. 08:00 hrs - Kalabaka –Departure-. Journey through Thessaly towards central Greece. Spectacular countryside above the sea on arrival in Delphi. 12.00 hrs - Delphi –Arrival-. Time to visit the beautiful archaeological site that dominates the Gulf of Corinth, a place that abounds with magic. Time for lunch. 15:00 hrs - Delphi –Departure-. Journey through the mountains, Mount Parnassus dominates the landscape. 18.15 hrs Athens –Arrival. On arrival, in the evening, we include transportation to the Plaka area, a historic neighbourhood that is bursting with life, shops and small restaurants along its passageways and squares. Our guide will propose attending a folkloric show.

Morning Breakfast, ATHENS. Day 7

TODAY´S HIGHLIGHTS: City tour in Athens. In the morning, we will enjoy a panoramic tour of the city with a local guide which includes the Presidential Palace, the Panathinaikos stadium where the first modern Olympic games were held, the national library, the bustling squares of the center; the new neighborhoods that emerged after the 2004 Olympic games. The tour will end at the Acropolis site (entry not included). Free time during the day to walk around and discover unforgettable places.

Departure, ATHENS Day 8

After breakfast, Check-out from the Hotel & Departure End of our services.